Skillful & Proficient Tattoo Artists

by Patong Tattoo Phuket

We are offering Realism, Portraits, Black & Grey, Old School, New School, Biochemical, Mandala, Geometric, Chicano, Japanese, Oriental, etc. which suit to your body shape and anatomy. Our Patong Tattoo Phuket artist team works with you to tailor tattoos to your style. Virtually every design you imagine can be created into a beautiful tattoo.

Whether you are an amateur or a big tattoo fanatic, you are all welcome at Patong Tattoo Phuket. Come with your idea, design, sketch, draft, or reference images for your wanted tattoo. Our tattoo artists will be able to help you finalize your design and transform your imagination to reality with the ink on your skin.

Because a tattoo is permanent and it represents who you are, we are here at Patong Tattoo Phuket promise to ourselves that won’t let you leave with unwanted artworks. All of our tattoo artists have grown to be a collection of highly skilled that create outstanding tattoos everyday. We are well qualified to deliver a proper and safe tattooing experience for all of our clients.


Profession artists especially realism, portrait, black grey, Japanese, Traditional style, and more.


Tattoo finest lines and packing color especially Mandala, geometric, watercolor etc.


Talent on Japanese & Oriental Tattoo Style creates a unique design by the customer made.


Professional in traditional bamboo tattoo style Sak Yant, Yantra.

Customized Tattoo Arts

Come with your ideas and leave with beautiful body arts.

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