Aftercare Guide

For Your Brand New Tattoos!

Other than the skills of the tattoo artist, proper aftercare routine is also very important, after you leave our studio to get the final result of your tattoo most satisfying. It now turns and owns the responsibility to carefully follow these instructions to avoid skin infection and let the tattooed skin quickly healed. The proper care routine will help keep your tattoo looks perfect as long as possible.

Tattoo Aftercare Process

  • A brand-new tattoo will be cover with plastic film to protect it from dust, also stops bleeding, this cover will stay for around 1 hour.
  • Remove the plastic film and wash a tattoo with a saline solution, remove plasma and blood off.
  • Pat, it dries gently with clean tissue paper, do not scratch as this may pull a scabbing off and ink may lose.
  • Apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream or Bepanthen ointment, like 3-4 times a day for 7-10 days or until healed.
  • Always keep your fresh tattoo clean and dry, swimming, and sun avoid until tattoo healed.
  • While the healing process, you may feel tight and itchy. To relieve this, apply a small amount of tattoo aftercare products.
  • A scabbing should generally last about five days depend on the individual healing rate.
  • Your new skin layers over it for a week or so, tattoo color and lining will then be shiny when skin recovered.

Do not!

  • Do not pick at the scabbing as this will lost the lining and color out of your tattoo and cause a scar.
  • Do not immerse a tattoo into the bathtub or take a long shower till all the scabbing become vanished.
  • Do not swim about a week in chlorinated water or the sea until skin recover and all scabbing is gone.

You will need to use sun protection when you are in the sun. UV rays will bleach the color of your tattoos.

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